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Pension fund benchmarking

Welcome to the website of the Institutional Benchmarking Institute – IBI

IBI is an independent institution whose primary purpose it is to provide the board of trustees of pension funds with transparent and balanced information so they can make an informed judgment about the level of the pension fund costs. Asset management costs are presented in relation to risk and return, compared to its peers and the entire sector. The administrative costs are presented in relation to service provided by the pension fund, the automation of the processes and the complexity of the pension. IBI Benchmarking has developed a unique graph including cost drivers and for instance return.

IBI has developed a special benchmarking that responds to the needs of the sector. IBI is independent and cooperates with a number of reputable independent parties in the development of benchmarking and industry standardisation.

“It is important that not only costs are looked at. In its benchmarking report, IBI has succeeded in giving insight in the triangle of risk, returns and costs.”

Hans de Ruiter
Pension fund TNO
Member of the IBI Sounding Board

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