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About us

The Institutional Benchmarking Institute was established in August 2013 with the primary aim of providing balanced information to pension fund board members. This information enables pension fund boards to assess their level of cost in relation to risk and return compared to their peer group and the entire sector. IBI has developed benchmarking tools specifically tailored to the needs of the sector. IBI is an independent organization and works with a number of like-minded institutions to develop benchmarking and standardisation.

In 2013 IBI began to develop the new benchmarking standard for pension funds, modelled on local legislation, using uniform and audited information. In 2014, the new IBI Benchmarking was established.

IBI Benchmarking is the initiative of Eric Veldpaus and is consistent with the ‘Recommendations on administrative costs’ issued by the Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds and with the objectives of the pension fund sector, as expressed in the report’ Looking in the Mirror ‘ published by the Integrity Pension Funds working group chaired by professor Jean Frijns.

“This is a logical next step in creating further transparency around administrative costs. Using this information, the board of the pension fund can consider costs in the right perspective.”

Eric Veldpaus
Director Institutional Benchmarking Institute

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