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Helping the accountability body to make informed decisions via benchmarking

IBI Benchmarking will:

  • dramatically save you time,

  • give you the tools you need to be able to make better, more informed decisions,

  • and provide clarity and certainty in communication

  • Help you Get the best for the participants


As a member of the Accountability Body, we recognise that you need benchmarked data to analyze and compare costs in comparison with best-in-class and industry standards.


When reviewing decisions made by the board: e.g. policy, choices etc, our CBI2 reporting and benchmarking system can help you by providing cost transparency, which helps you gain more certainty and accuracy​.

IBI reports provide cost transparency in perspective to other peers.

Use the benchmark outcome to clarify the strategy, execution and costs to your members, and explain clearly the cost vs performance vs risk vs your peers.


You can use the IBI clear visuals or our template UPKO which a lot of our clients love to use for that purpose.

How IBI Benchmarking can help:

IBI Benchmarking gives a great way to communicate. In fact, you could say it smoothes communication.

As part of our benchmarking, Our short-form UPKO report (included) gives you a visual snapshot, and takes just 20 minutes to read through. It gives immediate feedback in several areas that will assist you to:

  • Pinpoint good results, along with areas for optimisation

  • Help determine if the board is executing the policies and plan as stated

  • Gives Clarity and smoothes communication.

This is where independent benchmarking comes in.
Benchmarking is always good:

  • good management,

  • good governance,

  • good practice,

  • it helps you identify gaps in performance,

  • it helps you govern, manage,

  • it helps you to ask the right (relevant) question and save time, be more efficient as a leader.

  • It cuts right to the chase… 


Our CBI2 reporting and benchmarking system can help you provide good Accountability.

IBI Slide BG 2a.jpg
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