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We deliver a clear picture to board members on cost efficiency and cost transparency 

IBI reports in-depth cost-transparency to the board relative to other peers

In every industry, cost benchmarking is at the heart
of good governance
How we can help

  • Use the full benchmarking report or our quick-read summary report to save time preparing for board meetings. 

  • Use the benchmark outcome to pinpoint directly to areas of excellence and areas of potential optimisation to enhance cost efficiency and increase value for money.  

  • Use the benchmark outcome to communicate and position cost and strategy versus performance and risk.

  • Use the power of data and our clear graphics to tell your story to your members.

  • Use our UPKO summary report - which a lot of our clients love to use for that purpose - to send a uniform message to you members and other stakeholders.

We understand that
  • Good governance systems are designed to help organisations focus on the activities that contribute most to their overall objectives, use their resources effectively, and ensure that they are managed in the best interest of the stakeholders. 

  • Benchmarking is widely recognised as one of the best governance tools for determining whether the company is performing particular functions and activities efficiently, whether its costs are in line with those of competitors, and whether its internal activities and business processes need improvement.

This is where benchmarking comes in

  • Use benchmarking to boost your contribution as a board member and promote overall boardroom effectiveness to truly drive business value, competitive advantage and board engagement. 

  • Use benchmarking to clearly communicate your commitment to governance excellence to your investors, management team and society as a whole.

  • Use benchmarking to heighten your leadership and decision-making skills.

  • Use benchmarking to elevate the effectiveness of your board meetings by refining the discussion and decision-making processes.

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