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We help management organisations deliver exceptional service and value to your clients

Use the power of data to obtain an in-depth cost-landscape to  accurately build your price-performance models. 


​use IBI benchmarking to help

  • Use the benchmarking report to compare pricing and services to be well informed and get ahead of the issue of explaining costs

  • Harness the power of data to optimise your value proposition and negotiate fees 

  • Use supply chain benchmarking as a value-added product to differentiate from competitors. It shows you truly understand your clients needs and have their best interests at heart.

  • Use the benchmarking report to increase transparency, trust, and close cooperation between board members and the management team.

IBI understands that

  • Investment policy and the selected strategy - such as active versus passive - dictate the cost of the fund.  

  • Value is always relative to quality and performance and can vary from client-to-client and from peer-to-peer. Our appropriate in-depth benchmarking tools account for such important variables. 

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