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Eric Veldpaus RA (1963) is oprichter en directeur van het onafhankelijk Institutioneel Benchmarking Instituut. Daar-naast is hij directeur strategie bij Novarca Group en gastdocent aan Nyenrode Business Universiteit op het gebied van kostentransparantie. Verder is Eric lid en ambassadeur van de Transparency Task Force, werkgroep International Best Practice, een Britse denktank met name gericht op vermogensbeheer. Daarnaast is hij lid van de Expert Group Cost and Past Performance, een initiatief van EIOPA (European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority) in Frankfurt. Hij is ook betrokken bij internationale opdrachten voor verschillende toezichthouders op het gebied van kostentransparantie.

Eric Veldpaus RA (1963) is founder and director of the independent Institutional Benchmarking Institute. He is also director of strategy at Novarca Group and guest lecturer at Nyenrode Business University in the field of cost transparency. Eric is also a member and ambassador of the Transparency Task Force, International Best Practice working group, a British think tank mainly focused on asset management. He is also a member of the Expert Group Cost and Past Performance, an initiative of EIOPA (European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority) in Frankfurt. He is also involved in international assignments for various regulators in the field of cost transparency.

Veldpaus is a chartered accountant and has followed various executive programs at IMD in Lausanne, Insead in Paris and Kellogg School of Management in Chicago. He has been working in asset management for over 35 years in various positions where costs and cost transparency are the common thread. Before that, he worked for 11 years as a business control manager and eventually as a business strategist at ABP pension fund (later APG). As business control manager, he was responsible for reporting the annual accounts of ABP Asset Management as well as the reports to the Regulators. Before ABP, he worked as a back-office manager at Robeco for 6 years and in that role was also responsible for the annual accounts, client reports and supervisory reports. He started his career at PWC in 1984 with PFZW as one of his key clients.

Veldpaus is very sympathetic to the strong attention that the costs of pension funds have received in recent years. In his various roles, he has focused specifically on asset management costs and cost transparency. When he became involved in the AFM's investigation in 2011, he has focused exclusively on this subject ever since. For example, Veldpaus is the compiler of three editions of the “Recommendations on implementation costs” as published by the Dutch Pension Federation. To gain support, Veldpaus has frequently spoken to pension funds, asset managers, accountants and advisers. At the request of pension funds, he developed the independent IBI Benchmarking together with Nyenrode Business University and six pension funds.

Due to the role of Veldpaus in the development of cost transparency in the Netherlands and the exemplary role that the Netherlands plays internationally, he is a regular guest speaker at international seminars in the field of cost transparency, including Rome, San Francisco, Madrid, Lisbon, Brussels, San Diego, London and Copenhagen. . Veldpaus was a member of the Global Advisory Committee of CEM.

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