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About Ibi benchmarking

The Institutional Benchmarking Institute (IBI) was established as an independent knowledge institute. The primary aim is to provide pension fund boards with information so that they can form an informed opinion about the level of the administration costs, in comparison with the peer group and with the sector as a whole. To this end, IBI has developed a special benchmarking system that responds to the wishes of the sector.

IBI is independent and collaborates with a number of parties and organizations in the development of benchmarking and industry standardization.

IBI was initiated by Eric Veldpaus and is fully in line with the 'Recommendations on implementation costs' of the Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds and with the wishes of the Dutch pension sector, as expressed in the report 'Kijken in de Spiegel' published by the Integrity Pension Funds working group led by Jean Frijns. .


In 2013, a start was made with the development of a new Dutch benchmarking for pension funds, based on Dutch legislation and regulations and which mainly makes use of already available, uniform and verified data.

IBI benchmarks the administration costs of Dutch pension funds in relation to risk and return, taking into account complexity and Dutch legislation and regulations and the Implementation Costs Recommendations. Over the past 7 years, the independent IBI has helped 61 different Dutch pension funds gain insight into the costs and put them in the right perspective. These 61 funds represent the pensions of 11.7 million participants in the Netherlands. That is 62% of all participants, including former participants.

Since 2018, IBI has been involved in setting up benchmarking for another sector. The IBI system also appears to be suitable for several sectors. 

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