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participation ibi benchmarking

You can indicate that you wish to participate in our benchmarking via the contact form. After you have completed the contact form, we will contact you to answer any questions. If you have indicated that you wish to participate in the benchmarking, you will receive a unique link to our survey.  

The user conditions and the benchmarking agreement are included in the survey. Here you can indicate  for which period you wish to participate.  

delivery of the data

For IBI Benchmarking, the data of your pension fund is partly supplied in our online reporting system. IBI Benchmarking also uses DNB reports for benchmarking. IBI will process the data we use for you. The effort is expected to take 6 hours for the Basic Benchmark Report (excluding data collection).

When you register for participation, you will also receive a manual for supplying the data in addition to instructions. 


For the regular reporting, the introduction into our system takes place in July and August; so immediately after you have completed the annual report. As of July 1, you can already be ready to submit!


After validation and processing of the data by IBI, you will receive a draft report in October. During the validation, we determine, among other things, whether the legally required data to be reported in accordance with the annual accounts are consistent with the reports provided to DNB.

Based on our draft report, you can check for yourself whether the information you have provided is correct and complete.  You will receive the final report after processing any corrections.


The schedule for IBI Benchmarking 2021 (for reporting year 2020) is as follows:

  • Delivery data July-August-September

  • Drafting and validation of draft reports September-October

  • Delivery final report October-November

help desk

For questions, our helpdesk is always available on 020-20 88 555

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