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Below you can download publications written by Eric Veldpaus and Corné Reniers about benchmarking and costs of pension funds that have appeared in one of the professional journals. Click on the link to open the PDF file. With a right-click you can edit the file, if desired.  save.

Transparency of implementation costs of the 2021 annual report in accordance with the requirements of the AFM

White Paper 12 / 2021

Implementing costs difficult to compare
Financial Investigator 4 / 2019


How do you establish the relationship between implementation costs and performance?
Financial Investigator Issue 4 / 2018


Round table discussion: “Understand your costs and know what you want”
Financial Investigator Issue 4 / 2018


Vision document KPMG: "Getting more out of benchmark reports"

KPMG March 2018


Performance reporting: GIPS 20/20 and nuance in public reporting of pension fund returns”
VBA Journal Number 133/2018


Evaluation of all investment decisions of pension funds
Financial Investigator No. 1 / 2017


A new way of reporting for pension funds
With Ivo van der Veen
Deloitte Magazine Pension 2017


Dear Director: Do you benchmark your fund's performance?
Financial Investigator number 5 / 2015


Studies into scale and costs provide more and more insight
FD Pension Pro, September 10, 2015


Optimization of asset management costs instead of cost minimization
VBA Investment Professionals JOURNAL, volume 32_number 121 spring 2015


New benchmark should provide more insight into costs
FD Pension Pro, July 10, 2014


Towards a model to compare apples to apples
Financial Investigator number 2 / 2014


A good pension is not free: costs in context
Financial Investigator, Issue 2 / 2014


On to the next necessary step in cost transparency: UDOCAM
Financial Investigator number 2 / 2013

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