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Helping the supervisory board to evaluate
cost relative to strategy and other peers

Use the power of independent uniform data to monitor and advice efficiently 

  • Use the full benchmarking report or our quick-read summary-report to save time preparing for board meetings.

  • Use the benchmark outcome to evaluate and monitor cost policies and value for money execution.

  • Use benchmarking to boost your contribution as a board member and promote overall boardroom effectiveness to truly drive business value, competitive advantage and board engagement. 

  • Use benchmarking to clearly communicate your commitment to governance excellence to your investors, management team and society as a whole.

  • Use benchmarking to heighten your leadership and decision-making skills.

  • Use benchmarking to elevate the effectiveness of your board meetings by refining the discussion and decision-making processes.

How IBI Benchmarking can help
  • Easily see in a few pages if the policy defined by the fund has delivered the outcome promised. Receive an independent overview/ comparison

  • Get a very good impression from the benchmarking – policy/return/costs/service/complexity etc – This makes the decision-making process easier, and saves a lot of time

  • Gives qualitative info about how the board is doing – specifically relative to industry standards

  • Gain Perspective

  • Make better decisions

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