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Unique representation of the execution costs

The administration costs of the pension funds are a direct result of the policy as determined by the pension fund. As a result of these policy choices, made transparent via unique indices, the administration costs differ per pension fund. The costs should be related to the performance of the fund. In asset management, this is the return achieved in the short and long term. The asset management costs are compared with a tailor-made cost standard calculated by IBI (benchmark costs) that takes into account the choices of the board.


The pension management costs also differ per participant due to policy choices made by the board (degree of service, complexity of the scheme) and the composition of the participants.  IBI provides insight into this through spin charts for asset and pension management.

chart asset management

spingrafiek vermogensbeheer, benchmarkkosten index

pension management chart

spingrafiek - Kosten pensioenbeheer per deelnemer

Our spin charts show the influence of policy choices on implementation costs. 

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