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IBI Sounding Board

The IBI Sounding Board plays an important role in the development of IBI Benchmarking. Its members translate the requirements of the industry and help shape the content of the IBI report aimed at the pension fund board. Through this link, IBI Benchmarking is a benchmark by and for the sector.

The IBI Sounding Board comprises the following members:

  • Zorg en Welzijn PFZW Pension Fund
  • TNO Pension Fund
  • PNO Media Pension Fund
  • Metalektro PME Pension Fund
  • Pension Fund for the Transport sector
  • Randstad Pension Fund
The public debate surrounding the role of pension funds is growing. Oftentimes the debate is oversimplified and takes place in headlines. By being honest and transparent, we as a sector are taken seriously and thus we can make our arguments count.

Jeroen van der Put
PNO Media Pension Fund
Member of the IBI Sounding Board

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