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Nyenrode Business University

Nyenrode Business University is the only private university in the Netherlands. Nyenrode offers three executive-education programs specifically focused on the pension sector. These renowned programs are designed for board members and executives who are involved in day-to-day management or operational management of a pension fund and who wish to broaden and develop their knowledge, understanding and skills. The Nyenrode executive programs actively contribute to the further professionalization of the boards of pension funds. The unique collaboration between Nyenrode and the Institutional Benchmarking Institute creates mutually broadening, multi-disciplinary insight into the pension sector.
Nyenrode will facilitate the progress of the IBI wherever possible. Nyenrode already recognised the importance of cost transparency in 2012 and this subject is included in the Executive Pensions Program. IBI initiator Eric Veldpaus has been involved from the beginning as a core teacher and researcher, and his extensive experience means he has an important role to play here.

Roy Kramer
Nyenrode Business University

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