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Users on IBI Benchmarking

Hans Sieraad, Metalektro PME Pension Fund
PME endorses the importance of benchmarking and clear communication to its members. PME sees value in a benchmark for pension funds. The IBI benchmark provides useful new insights by relating to a number of important characteristics of the investment portfolio. IBI benchmarking is also accessible for smaller pension funds thanks to its ease of implementation and low cost.

Jan van Beek, Transportation sector Pension Fund
Despite a busy period we enjoyed to partake in the development of this new benchmark. It is easy for pension funds to participate in IBI Benchmarking, time consumption is kept to a minimum; clear instructions and effective survey design make participation efficient. It will only take a few hours to provide the data in an online tool. Furthermore, the uniform data assures a common denominator. Bravo!

Jeroen van der Put, PNO Media Pension Fund
Through IBI benchmarking the sector gives unambiguous and comparable insight into its costs. IBI Benchmarking is a benchmark by and for pension funds and is consistent with the definitions of the Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds. We call on all pension funds to join the initiative.

It only takes a few hours to provide the data in an online tool. Furthermore, the uniform data assures a common denominator.

Hans de Ruiter, TNO Pension Fund
As a technical, innovative organization, we have enthusiastically cooperated in the creation of a genuine benchmarking. IBI Benchmarking responds to the requirements of the Dutch situation and it provides additional analysis such as the IBI indices and indicators. This brings a nuanced picture of the policy decisions which can be taken into account by the board of trustees. IBI Benchmarking gives a clear picture of performance in which we recognize ourselves. We look forward to partake in the extended XL version for those pension funds that would like to receive even more insights. We endorse the importance of this initiative and encourage our colleagues to participate.

  • Data entry will cost only 4 hours for the basic reports; IBI Essential takes only 30 minutes
  • A fund is compared to a peergroup of pension funds with similar characteristics
  • Based on data from official disclosures to DNB and annual report
  • Supplemented by qualitative data to create unique indices

“Participation is simple: the data is largely available and can be easily uploaded into the online form through our pension bureau. The IBI benchmarking report is very complete and clear. We can identify ourselves with the results and thus IBI Benchmarking as a standalone instrument allows us to better inform the pension fund board and other stakeholders on cost elements We encourage smaller and medium-sized pension funds to participate in this accessible benchmark.”

Raimond Schikhof, Randstad Pension Fund

  • IBI Benchmarking pensioenfonds
    IBI Benchmarking pensioenfonds
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